Hormonal Balancing Specialist

Carolina G. Sierra, MD

Endocrinologist & Internist located in Midtown East, New York, NY

Maintaining hormonal balance throughout life is essential to women’s health. Dr. Sierra offers patients throughout Midtown and New York City hormonal balancing testing and treatment to ensure they are always feeling their best.

Hormonal Balancing Q & A

How Do Hormones Affect Us?

Hormones affect practically every aspect of our physical and mental health including production of acne, our sleep cycles, weight maintenance, and our memories. Our bodies produce dozens of hormones which control how our bodies operate. Even when just one hormone is out of balance it can seriously affect our emotional, physical, and mental health. Specifically, for women who are later in life the change in hormones which results in menopause can be extremely noticeable. This change can cause hot flashes, drastic mood fluctuations, and insomnia. Hormone changes can also be the result of thyroid issues and should be addressed right away.

How are Hormone Levels Tested? 

Many different tests can be used to test the balance of a person’s hormones and which one a doctor use will depend on the patient’s symptoms. Some of the tests used include:

  • Saliva Testing- this is usually the most accurate test used to determine if a person’s hormones are in balance.
  • Serum or Blood Testing- this test uses a range to define normal levels and if a person is at either the low-normal or high-normal portion of the spectrum further testing may be required.
  • Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Testing- this type of testing is used to determine the status of a premenopausal woman who may be experiencing mood swings, hot flashes, or other symptoms of menopause.

How is a Hormone Imbalance Treated? 

Many doctors will treat a patient’s hormone imbalance using methods which depend on the exact nature of the individual imbalance. In some cases, hormone replacement may be suggested and in other cases a change in lifestyle and activity levels will be all that is needed. If you are experiencing any premenopausal symptoms or symptoms related to weight gain, insomnia, or increased acne, our office can help you determine what is causing the imbalance and prescribe a regimen or medication to correct the imbalance.